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Collagen Manufacturing Process

Expertly Crafted Collagen Supplements Made For Your Brand

At ABH Pharma we have both custom and private label collagen capabilities. Whichever route you choose to go, you will be exposed to our superior in-house manufacturing process and our set of other useful services

There is no middleman between you and the manufacturer at ABH Pharma Inc.


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ABH Pharma Inc. has mastered the collagen manufacturing process through over 20 years of satisfying clients like you!

Nutraceutical Manufacturing Services

We made this short video, highlighting our facility and team producing collagen supplements products.

Collagen Manufacturing Process

Collagen is a family of proteins that occur naturally in the connective tissues and flesh of animals. When used in supplements and foods, collagen must be broken down into hydrolyzed collagen, which is a polypeptide composite made when gelatin or denatured collagen is subjected to hydrolysis.

This form of collagen can be dissolved but still retains the properties that make it useful in a health supplement.

When processing hydrolyzed collagen, manufacturers must complete several steps. The first step in the process is demineralization, followed by the extraction of collagen to gelatine. Next, the gelatine is subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis, which produces hydrolyzed collagen.

After the manufacturer has obtained hydrolyzed collagen, it must be filtered, sterilized, and dried before it can be used in supplements thus ending the collagen manufacturing process.

private label hydrolyzed collagen
private label hydrolyzed collagen

Endless Ways to Customize Your Collagen Supplement

We encourage creativity when it comes to creating your custom collagen supplements! With a custom supplement, you gain the freedom to use any ingredient you want to compliment the collagen. Any health-related issue you are willing to try and solve with your supplement you can.

Unique combinations of supplements allow you to be a pioneer of sorts by creating a new concept in the industry. With limitless integration between collagen and most supplement ingredients, the sky really is the limit.

If you succeed in carving out a new niche in the sports nutrition industry you can set the tone for all market variables after that. Things like the price point and count per bottle can be dictated by your choices as the industry.

Why Choose To Order Our Stock Collagen Formula?

First, you need to browse our selection of private label collagen on StockNutra.com

Then all you have to do is tell us how much you want, in what form, and how many units per package. We pretty much do the rest. That is another reason why we can offer reduced prices on stock formula products – most of the work is already done.

At ABH Pharma, we work smart so that your products are always affordable, quality checked, and market ready. Because we understand what your consumers want, we make the development and ordering of private label products easy and affordable.

Increase the Versatility of Your Supplement Company With Collagen

A truly versatile supplement company includes both stock formula and custom formula products. This is true because it doesn’t limit your focus to just one main market segment of nutraceuticals.

The minimum order quantity for a stock formula is 750 bottles which mean diversification was never more affordable.

The ABH Pharma’s low minimum order requirements also mean that you can test products in your market without causing a cash flow crisis. Both of those benefits help you develop the perfect private label products, and that helps you to better compete in your market.

private label hydrolyzed collagen

7 Most Marketable Potential Benefits of Hydrolyzed Collagen

Collagen is versatile enough to hit multiple segments of the supplement industry such as skin care, anti-inflammatory, and joint repairing supplements.

1. Could Help Improve Metabolism.*

Additional collagen in the body could potentially increase lean muscle mass and helps the body process essential nutrients. This leads to a higher metabolism, allowing the consumer to burn more calories with less effort. This can be especially beneficial for aging consumers, who often face bone degeneration.

2. Bettering Liver Health.*

Another of the key collagen peptides potential benefits is better liver health. Collagen is thought to improve blood flow and helps the liver avoid damage as it detoxifies the body.

3. Support for the Cardiovascular System.*

Collagen supports several functions that could improve the health of the consumer’s cardiovascular system, including the release of fat buildup from artery walls and shrinking of fat inside the arteries.

private label hydrolyzed collagen
private label hydrolyzed collagen

4. More Youthful Skin.*

Reduced collagen production with age leads to less elasticity in the skin, looser skin, and more wrinkles. Adding collagen back to the skin, however, allows it to regenerate cells more effectively.

5. Stronger Teeth, Hair, and Nails.*

Collagen is a key building block for an individual’s nails, hair, and teeth. Increasing intake of collagen can improve the strength and integrity of all of these parts of the body.

6. Improvement of Digestive Issues.*

Increased collagen in an individual’s body supports the healing of damaged cell walls in the intestines, which can improve the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

7. Enhanced Joint Integrity.*

A loss of collagen leads to pain and stiffness in the joints. Restoring this collagen can improve these symptoms, allowing the individual to move more freely and comfortably.

Let's Manufacture an Incredible Collagen Supplement Together!

It doesn’t matter if you’re entering the industry for the first time, need a new collagen manufacturer, require an additional source of supply, or are planning on adding a new product to your line; ABH Pharma can do everything for you.

Take the first step in working with us – call 866-282-4729 to speak with one of our Production Specialists or send us your request to receive a free collagen manufacturing quote.