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NPA GMP Certified

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How To Spot A Supplement Manufacturing Broker

Make Sure Their NSF Certification Is For A Manufacturing Facility, Not A Warehouse

Many Supplement Manufacturing brokers use a warehouse NSF certificate to trick clients into thinking they are an NSF certified supplement manufacturer.

The NSF offers three different certifications:

  • a manufacturing certification
  • a storage/distribution certification
  • a packaging certification

The only problem is because of the NSF’s ignorance, the certificate does not state what type of certification a certain company holds. (An NSF manufacturing certification looks identical to a storage and distribution certification.)

Capsule Manufacturing

Fun Fact: ABH Pharma Inc. has been manufacturing nutraceutical capsules for over 20 years.

Supplement Manufacturing Services

We made this short video, highlighting our facility and team producing supplements products.

Steps ABH Pharma Takes to Manufacture Your Dietary Capsule Product

There are multiple steps to produce a nutraceutical capsule supplement product.

We must have a pre-existing extensive gathering of raw materials in our warehouse. This way we have a majority of ingredients for most formulas ready-to-go. The client orders the product formula. A single formula can have up to 50+ different ingredients. A capsule supplement manufacturing job can be very complex.

First, we check what ingredients we have stored in our warehouse vs what we don’t have stored. For the ingredients we do not have, we order from our pre-qualified ingredient vendors. Once material is received, we place it in a quarantined section of our facility. Then the new ordered ingredient is sent to our in-house quality control department.

Custom Dietary Capsule Mnaufacturing
Custom Dietary Capsule Mnaufacturing

Once all ingredients in the formula have been quality control checked and confirmed to be used in a formula,

ingredients go to pharmacy compound. This is where ingredients are weighed for blending with overages accounted for. This process is essential to ensure label claims are met.

Depending on the batch size, capsule size, powder density and hygroscopic of the blended powder we would go to either one of our semi-automatic encapsulation machine, or high capacity fully automated encapsulation machine. Our encapsulation machines have a 2 step polishers sequence to clean products that are very sticky. The product is checked throughout the entire encapsulation process for consistency, weight, and imperfections. All capsules whether the batch size is 100,000 or 10,000,0000 goes through a manual inspection process where these capsules are checked once again.

Once capsules are filled, they are brought to one of our bottling & packaging assembly lines.

The assembly line starts with a bottle rotator, which funnels into two conveyors, one of which is a 16 station swift pack filled. The other a four station swift pack filled. Both filling bottles with capsules simultaneously to double output.

Next, the bottles pass our automated desiccant pack inserter. Then they are filled with cotton which is all an automated process. Next, the lid scrambler places the lids on each bottle. Then the lid torque seals the lid on tight. Now the bottle is now fully sealed before it passes through the label applicator.

Once labeled, bottles will find their way to another bottle rotator where personnel are both able to check each product for lid and label application before the induction under the lid is heated to adhere to the brim of the bottle.

Custom Dietary Capsule Mnaufacturing
Custom Dietary Capsule Manufacturing

As the bottle undergoes our heat induction sealer process

the same conveyor will pass the bottle to our automated neck bander where our clients have the option of clear or “sealed for your protection” neck bands which come both perforated and unperforated.

All that is left for these sealed labeled capsule product bottles is to pass our ink jet machine to apply either a “manufactured on date” or expiration date which is always followed by a batch specific lot number for identification.

Bottles are cased into boxes and sent to our shipping department on palettes to be sent to the client.

Custom Dietary Capsule Manufacturing

Custom Dietary Capsule Manufacturing Options

We can help you create a custom formula, encapsulate your formula in a capsule, bottle your product, and insert bottle label. For capsules, there are vast options for size, texture, and shape. Colors can be matched with your brand’s logo, and capsules can even be inscribed with text.

Want to differentiate your capsule supplement product? Consider all-new liquid capsule manufacturing.

For more information on capsule manufacturing give us a call and we will happily confirm answer any questions you have.


Soft Gelatin, Hard Gelatin, Soft Gelatin, Vegetarian


Clear, Colored, Multicolored


Monochrome Text, Colored Text

Supplement & Vitamin Package Design

Package & Label Design Options For Capsule Supplement Manufacturing

Your capsules can be bottled in a large selection of package options.

You can view all package options here

Our team of nutraceutical specialized graphic designers are ready to make your label look incredible and comply with all required FDA label regulations.

Let's Manufacture an Incredible Dietary Capsule Supplement Together!

It doesn’t matter if you’re entering the industry for the first time, need a new capsule manufacturer, require an additional source of supply, or are planning on adding a new product to your line; ABH Pharma can do everything for you.

Take the first step in working with us – call 866-282-4729 to speak with one of our Production Specialists or send us your request to receive a free supplement manufacturing quote.