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Custom Vitamin Manufacturing

Custom Contract Vitamin Manufacturing

Pharma-Grade Nutraceutical Vitamin Contract Manufacturer

At ABH Pharma we have built trust with vitamin buyers for over 20 years. Our mission is to deliver the best quality products at the lowest price. This is possible because of our in-house certified custom vitamin contract manufacturing facility.

There is no middleman between you and the manufacturer at ABH Pharma Inc.

We have experience serving top-shelf vitamins for major retailers all across the globe. Our custom vitamin contract manufacturing service has capabilities for multi-vitamins, multi-vitamin packs, single ingredient vitamins, & purpose built vitamins.

Get it Correct, Go Direct!

Fun Fact: ABH Pharma Has Capabilities To Make Any Kind Of Nutraceutical Vitamin.

Vitamin Manufacturing Services

We made this short video, highlighting our facility and team producing vitamin products.

How We Manufacture A Superior Custom Vitamin For Your Brand

Step One - Product Specifications

The source of vitamins varies from one type of vitamin to the other. For example, vitamin C comes from the citrus family of fruits, while vitamin A comes from vegetables such as carrots. Some vitamins are produced from natural sources while others are manufactured in the lab.

So for anyone who wants to market a supplement, the first choice that they have to make is how the supplement and its ingredients are derived. Vitamins have additives. When you chew up a vitamin C tablet you are chewing up more than just vitamin C. There are fillers in there such as:

  • Yeast
  • Calcium, and
  • Microcrystalline cellulose.

Step Two - Select The Right Manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturer, you want to look carefully at the certificate of analysis which tells you important details such as vitamin potency. A good manufacturer not only supplies this information but also the same information from an independent lab so that you know the analysis is true.

First you must gather all of the materials needed to make your product. There is the vitamin, the filler, the capsule (if needed), and the container.

What types of fillers do you want to use? Many of the answers to these types of questions come down to who your target market is and what they want. As you plan for a product launch your target market and their considerations set the pace.

Step Three - Mixing And Weighing Process

The next step of the process is the weighing and mixing. Vitamins are made in batches so each ingredient is weighed so that it represents the proper amount per batch.

The entire process is recorded and compared to the batch records. From here the ingredients are mixed into a batch. The industrial size of a vitamin batch is typically around 15-30 cubic feet, though some batches are even larger.

Pre-blending occurs when the ingredients need to be mixed. Many manufacturers supply ready to mix vitamins in powder form, but not all. Pre-blending may involve milling so that different components become the same size. A vitamin should be consistent so that when chewed or swallowed absorption occurs in a uniform process. This is also the step of the process where the filler is added to the vitamin material.

Pre-blending is not always needed, but the laboratory will test the product ingredient lists and determine whether or not milling or blending is a requirement.

Step Four - Consistency Check

Potency is just one check. Contamination from bacteria is also important, especially if your vitamin or supplement includes plant-based herbs.

In order for a vitamin tablet to “hold itself together,” the granules must remain somewhat similar in size. If the materials are not of equal size, they will require milling. If the products are not sized correctly wet granulation is used.

The process mixes the dry vitamin powder with a binding filler such as cellulose. Once combined the mixture is wetted and then dried where it will be broken up, sized, weighed, and then mixed.

Step Five - Tableting or Encapsulating

This process is all mechanical, but it is also important to test the product for weight and that the batch is processing capsules or tablets that are consistent in weight. In the case of capsules, there is a QA check for capsule wall integrity. The test checks to make sure that the capsules are secure, that there are no splits in the capsule walls, and that the ends are staying together. Once all of these checks occur and the results are satisfactory, the batch is run.

Capsules are made in an encapsulating machine while tablets are created using a tableting machine. When an encapsulated vitamin or supplement is made, the last step before bottling is to polish and perform a final inspection. The polishing process removes excess granules from the outside of the capsule so that the product looks its best.

Tablets under a final step too. The last step in creating a vitamin tablet is to coat the tablet. The purpose is to help consumers by either masking a bitter tasting product or to help with swallowing.

Step Six - Vitamin Packaging And Shipping

The very last step in the process is to bottle the product and perform a final QA check. Once the label is affirmed to the bottle the vitamins are boxed and shipped.

We are experts in packaging different vitamins, whether it’s in the form of powder, capsules, or tablets.

We don’t just help you deliver the most noteworthy quality supplements, we additionally work to guarantee that our packaging and naming offerings mirror the most recent advancements in contemporary outline.

The Vitamin market is huge. We make the process of creating your own line of vitamins, minerals, and supplements easy.

Vitamin Contract Manufacturing Advantages

Vitamins are an essential part of life on earth. As natural compounds vitamins play a huge role in the health and wellbeing of humans. We know that without vitamins diseases such as scurvy, rickets, pellagra, and beriberi are not far behind. That is one of the reasons why the vitamin industry is so large. People want to make sure that they are giving their body all of the essential vitamins it needs to thrive.

At ABH Pharma, your vitamins will be manufactured in-house at our next-gen FDA approved facility. Our facility features an industrial HVAC system to maintain temperature, air quality, and humidity to keep quality control at it’s highest. Our facility is equipped for mandated raw material testing, label analysis, and quality assurance. You can rest easy knowing your product is being produced in the most advanced facility available today.

We make sure that your supplements are taken care of through every step of the way, from the production to the product fulfillment. We believe quality is key to success. We ensure you receive the highest quality supplements in a timely manner.

The History of Vitamins

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This was in 400 BC. Our ancestors may not have known about vitamins, but they did establish a link between certain foods and improved health early on. Through trial and error, people were able to cure specific ailments without knowing exactly what vitamins were in the foods they ate.

For instance, scurvy was a nasty disease that caused people (usually sailors who had limited food options) to suffer from gum bleeding, poor wound healing, severe pain and eventual death. In 1749, Dr. James Lind discovered that citrus fruits prevented scurvy. At the time he didn’t know what we know now, that it was the vitamin C in the citrus fruits that was the real cure.

Another common ailment among sailors at that time was called beriberi. This syndrome caused mental confusion, muscle wasting, fluid retention, high blood pressure, walking difficulties and heart disturbances. It wasn’t until 1987 that a Dutch physician named Christian Eijkman discovered that adding unpolished rice husks to the diet prevent beriberi. We now know it was vitamin B in the husks that cured the disease.

It wasn’t until 1912 that we discovered what vitamins actually were. This discovery was made by Dr. Casimir Funk when he detected active properties in unpolished rice husks. He decided to call these active properties “vitamines” from the Latin word vitals (which means ‘vitally important’) and amines (which means ‘organic derivatives of ammonia’). It was Dr. Funk’s theory that all active substances were nitrogen-containing amines. While that theory would eventually be proven wrong, the name “vitamins” stuck.

So what Dr. Funk managed to do was finally connect some dots and help us understand what it was in these foods that was curing disease. But, though the dots were connected, it would be quite a few years until we would fully grasp the incredible benefits of vitamins.

More Discoveries are Made

By the 1920s, significant strides had been made in the field of vitamin research. Vitamin C (called “water soluble C”) was discovered as the antiscorbutic factor in food, vitamin D was discovered by irradiating food. This was used to treat rickets. And vitamin E was discovered in vegetable oils, while vitamin K was discovered in a cholesterol-rich diet that was fed to research chickens (true story).

Though we had made big strides in discovering and naming vitamins found in foods during this decade, it wasn’t until the 1930s that vitamin manufacturing began. The first “vitamin pill” was created by swiss researchers who discovered a way to artificially synthesize vitamin C. They mass produced and marketed the first vitamin C supplement under the name Redoxon.

It has been over 75 years since the first vitamin C pill was created and marketed, and we have continued to make big strides in the development of beneficial vitamins and supplements. Along with vitamins, we have discovered the benefits of herbs, probiotics and more.

Tapping Into a $30 Billion Market

It is common knowledge that our standard American diet (SAD) does not deliver all of the vitamins and minerals we require on a daily basis for optimal health. Even people who consume a variety of fruits and vegetables aren’t getting the amount of vitamins and minerals they need because much of the soil has been depleted of nutrients.

Add to this the fact that more consumers are using the Internet to research alternative health treatments, and you understand why there is an increasing demand for all-natural preventative measures. This explains why the vitamin and supplement industry earns over $30 billion each year. And this number is expected to continue to grow.

As natural health products continue to become more and more popular, many entrepreneurs are wondering how they can come into the market and grab their share of the revenue. Your best bet is to partner with a supplement contract manufacturer.

Why Working with a Supplement Contract Manufacturer is Beneficial to You

Success comes from doing what you do best and hiring people to help you with the rest. ABH Pharma are experts in supplement manufacturing. We provide services for every step of developing, manufacturing, packaging and distributing your product so you can focus on growing your business.

We will source only the highest quality raw materials, inspect and certify them, and process them into your final product making sure to stay in line with the highest regulatory standards and principles. We will also develop product labeling and design that adheres to FDA regulations and catches the buyer’s eye.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 consumers choose a product based in the packaging design? We’ll help you develop packaging that stands out from the crowd and gets you sales. We’ll also help you box, ship and, if necessary, store your product for future distribution.

ABH can be your manufacturing partner, taking care of all the logistics so you can continue to develop new products and grow your revenue.

If you have any questions about how we manufacture health supplements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let's Manufacture an Incredible Custom Nutraceutical Vitamin Supplement Together!

It doesn’t matter if you’re entering the industry for the first time, need a new vitamin manufacturer, require an additional source of supply, or are planning on adding a new product to your line; ABH Pharma can do everything for you.

Take the first step in working with us – call 866-282-4729 to speak with one of our Production Specialists or send us your request to receive a free vitamin manufacturing quote.